Expert Job Search

The Expert Job Search Method - Our Approach

At Expert Job Search (EJS), we believe the person best suited to presenting a prospective employee to an employer is the prospective employee himself. Nobody has more motivation to see you succeed than you do. Expert Job Search provides you with the tools and strategy to succeed in landing your next position. Expert Job Search is designed to produce job offers quickly. Using a self-directed approach, EJS will guide you from a personal assessment, to resume samples and critique of your resume, to marketing yourself, to interview techniques and salary negotiations.

The Expert Job Search Solution

You will take charge of your job search. EJS will come alongside you to provide encouragement, tools, and strategies to help you succeed. First, we’ll critique your resume with suggestions for improvement and email that critique back to you within one business day. At the same time, we prepare your personalized Expert Job Search Manual. At the heart of the EJS Solution is developing a hard network. The hard network consists of the people who can actually offer you a job – that doesn’t mean they have a job to offer. People on your hard network list are the people who can be your boss. We give you the tools and methods to develop the list and to approach the people on that list. In addition, we prepare for you a personalized 100 List.

The 100 List

image descriptionThe 100 List is the beginnings of your hard network. The 100 List is the list we provide to you of 100 companies who may hire people like you. We don’t have any standard lists – the list you receive is created using criteria that you provide. The 100 List gives you the jump start in finding the next company that you can use your services. Nobody else offers this important information and it can literally save you weeks in the job search process. When we’re done putting together your EJS Manual and 100 List, we send it to you via Federal Express overnight. You should receive your shipment 1-2 business days after placing your order.


Next, we’ll place you in a huddle with no more than 10 others who are at the same point in their search process. A huddle meets via a conference call once each week with one of the EJS principals, who have a combined 65 years of corporate recruiting, human resources, and management experience. Between meetings, you will have the opportunity to correspond via email with others in your group.